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If you haven’t visited Sydney Eye blog – then do yourself a favour and click on this link. Julie takes fantastic photos of daily life and delves into a bit of the history of Sydney particularly its buildings. Love it!!!!!

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Far out!

Hubble Space Telescope Advent calender courtesy of the Boston Globe. Fantastic photos!

Or maybe classical music is more your style – try BBC radio 3’s Bach Advent calender.

I love my iphone so the Appvent calender offering a new game each day looked interesting….for about 30 seconds. Game apps don’t do it for me but they might appeal to you!

Have fun!!

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Memo to WordPress.

I live in the Southern Hemisphere. It is summer. That means HOT weather. Not snow. You know what I mean? The cute snow flake thingy that you have on the WordPress site when you log in? Not everyone lives in the Northern hemisphere…..I know there’s not many of us “down here”……..but it’s nice to remember that…..so how about a few rays of sunshine instead??!!

Otherwise…..love ‘ya work!

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End of term…..4 days away. End of the school year in NSW…..4 days away. The return of sanity…….4 days away! No wait….maybe 5 days away!!

With the one little brain cell that is still activated inside my head – everything is a blur since NPA (National School Partnerships courtesy of the Rudd government) – I have been thinking about the BEST and WORST moments of the last month and of 2009 itself.


  • Visit to Melbourne with my CEO colleagues to see early learning in action. The professional dialogue we engaged in- liberally lubricated by copious amounts of good coffee and vino – was inspirational!
  • Spending quality time with teachers and other educators in clarifying our understandings of what is required for NPA. Confirms my belief that as a system of schools, we have some dynamic and talented teachers who will be instrumental in bringing about change in learning. Not to mentioned the talented Ms Sinko, O’Brien and Francis! Well done ladies!!
  • Tracking down double shot lattes at Fairfield RSL…….gotta feed my coffee addiction!


  • Visit to Melbourne with my CEO colleagues to see early learning in action only to have it hijacked by an organisation that ignored our brief!! Don’t you just hate being hammered by a marketing spiel that aims to “sell” an educational package? No thanks!
  • Jetstar losing my luggage (was later “found”) and claiming it was not their responsibility to find it.  Won’t be flying with them again.
  • Getting lost trying to find Fairfield RSL, the venue for our NPA conference….two days in a row!!!!!

BEST and Worst of 2009?

That’s for another post!

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