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Thanks Mick!

picture11Just received another comment from my colleague, Mick Prest. Mick has a hobbie – it involves a laptop (Mac I think!) and a variety of gadgets that can be plugged into, added onto or just connected to it.(I think he leaves one hand free to hold a glass of red wine….but not during working hours!).

He encouraged me to start a blog just over 12 months ago. While a blog connects you to the global community, it has been through my interaction with Mick (in person) that has kept me going with the blog. His enthusiasm for all things ICT is catchy. Many times he has suggested sites to go to, blogs to read, and shown me gadgets that have many possibilities when  working with teachers. And it doesn’t matter how dumb the question I ask is, he always has the time to answer it. So big thanks Mick!

I have also valued the feedback about my blog from other colleagues…..  Nicole from Parramatta CEO (great meeting you last week!), Danny (we miss you!), Andrew (good luck this week!), Maria (shoe queen) and the many teachers I work with.

But here’s the weird thing. Most of the feedback is done face-to-face! Very little is actually communicated via the blog!! What does this day about how I use the blog  or our preferred communication modes?

Dunno. Weird!

(Thanks for the tip about Tag Gallery, Danny. I finally worked out how to use it. Doh!)

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