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My favourite blogs and wikis…

2500896148_343b43086e_mI noticed Judy O’Connell in her blog, “Hey Jude” created a list of her favourite edublogs for 2008. So, naturally I thought I’d steal her idea and do my own version!!

As I am still suffering vertigo from undergoing a steep learning curve (loop!)  this year in technology,  my fav’s are blogs or wikis that are straightforward, easy to read and navigate, and relevant for my work as a primary curriculum advisor.


( I have numbered them but they are in no particular order).

1. Hey Jude – her blog motivated me to start one of my own!

2. Jane’s E-learning picks – I picked up a lot of great technology ideas for the classroom from her blog.

3. Will Richardson – provocative and insightful blog and wiki.

4. Larry Ferlazzo – ESL blog with lots of practical tips and advice.305722372_0cacb1744f_m

5. Transitioning to Web 2.0 – comprehensive info for educators who want to use blogs with their students.

6. Cool Tools for Schools – great wiki of Web 2.0 tools for educators to use in the clasroom.

7. Educational origami – Andrew Churches Tradional and Digital literacies wiki. Great stuff!

8. WebTools4u2use – another wiki with a comprehensive list of Web 2.0 tools for educators to use.

9. Image Generators wiki – list of copyright images and photo sights.

10. Teachers at Work – Mark Treadwell’s education website has an extensive array of professional readings, links to websites and more!


It’s not a blog, however….

FlickrCC – I use more than anything other site, to get free images to use in my presentations etc. Love it!!!!

I’d also like to mention my wiki which I have used with teachers this year, particularly those engaged in our Inner West Early Learning course. Some wonderful sharing emerged as a result, and firm networks across schools were established. As it is a private space, I haven’t added it to the list!


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