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So the Rudd Federal government is going to take away school funding if they under perform. I can’t believe it! It smacks of the UK model where perceived under performing schools are closed down within 18 months if improvement is not shown.

It begs the question, how will this be fairly and equitably measured? How? No one group of students is homogenous and certainly the many schools I work in are diverse and complex. Why apply a punitive model? Why not work on the notion of resourcing professional learning for teachers to drive curriculum improvement? Can’t funding be applied without working from a deficit model?

When I hear reports such as this latest one on funding attached to performance, I immediately get suspicious. This deficit model immediately puts some of our most disadvantaged schools in the firing line which begs the question, does it leave the more advantaged schools off the hook? I know that many disadvantaged schools are the most innovative and as such, are achieving real gains in student learning. The horrible educational cliche “value added” really applies here. But seriously, are you telling me they won’t be compared to the more advantaged schools?

As for the educational revolution, I don’t think so. Perhaps politicians need to go back to school themselves to be reminded of the complex nature of educating young people in today’s society. Oh, and by the way, that “schooling” starts in the early years – just a reminder for those who see education as = secondary only!!

Damn right I’m angry!

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