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Ewan McIntosh and Tom Barrett +design thinking in catholic school, Sydney = brilliant! So good to be inspired. Motivated. See new possibilities. So I resurrect my blog after a long hiatus. Here is what the two days look like!



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The State of Digital Education

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

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Space for creativity

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Go Noni!

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Too funny!

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Here is Julia.

Julia is busy.

Julia is important.

She has an idea.

She calls it “My school.”

See Julia smile.

“Look parents!”, said Julia.

“Look teachers!”, said Julia.

“I have a website.’

“It is good”, said Julia.

“It will weed out bad teachers.”

“It will compare school performance.”

The website crashed.

It is bad.

“Wake up Julia!” said the teachers.

“NAPLAN is a diagnostic test!”

“It is not an achievement test.”

“Wake up, Julia!”, said the Principals.

“Myschool is not helpful”

“Myschool is simplistic.”

See the media run!

See them publish a league table!

See no change to student learning.

Wake up Julia!

(Apologies to the “Gay Days” Basal reader, NSW Dept Education…somewhere in the twilight zone of the 1960′s)

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