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While lazily watching the cricket on the lounge (Aus v Sth Africa….of course!!), sipping an icy cold beer, listening to commentry by ABC radio, I came across PicLits, a fun site worth exploring. It was one of many digital writing tools for students listed on Tom Barrett’s blog, ICT in my classroom. PicLits has potential for digital writing with students and more importantly, having fun with, and learning more about, the English language. Being a visual person myself, I was immediately drawn to it.  Try it yourself! Great fun!!


NOTE: Is it just me, or do other people have problems posting visuals with WordPress?? The photo above is there courtesy of me laboriously doing Printscreen via my laptop as the post would not accept the embedded code of URL link of PicLits. I had a similar problem yesterday with a RockYou photo montage (see Early learning page) that also was not recognised by WordPress, but today, BINGO!, it successfully uploaded to my Early Years page no probs!!! Que????

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